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29 January 2009

It snowed. Observations:

If you are reading this from a warm, far-off place...just to let you know: It snowed here in the Rust Belt. A lot. And it iced. And rained. And slushed. This storm is not that different from others...other than hey! We're coming up on a record here in Cleveland! Records are fun! Only a little more than 2 inches in the next few days and January 09 will be the snowiest January on record around here. So, I give you my observations and thoughts on this record-breaking January:

1. Slighty-wet snow mixed with dirt and footprints sometimes looks like chocolate chip cookie dough, sans the chips.
2. Recycling collectors in Lakewood, Ohio will climb atop 6' high snow mountains to collect their prizes. They are serious about recycling.
3. Helpful neighbors will help you get your car unstuck on the way to work in the morning. This is annoying...because deep down (OK, really more on the surface) you are really hoping for an excuse to not get to work.
4. OMG...the weather forecasters have been ridiculously correct with their forecasting this month.
5. People in Florida, and Washington D.C., are pansies.
6. Shout out to those drivers on I-90 east driving with me from 8:00-9:00 yesterday morning! I did not even see ONE jackass trying to pass me on the left shoulder.
7. The Innerbelt Bridge is terrifying no matter what the weather conditions...but the snow that is currently sitting on the bridge will ensure I will not be crossing it until least. (Can we get an infrastructure stimulus up in here?!?!?!)
8. I still don't want to ski.
9. Every child should experience the delight that is a snow day.
10. Winter in Cleveland is part of what makes us suck it up, bitches!

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