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02 February 2009

Set it aside for PRIDE

Did you see the superbowl? Oh you hadn't?? Well...let me tell you this: The Steelers won. I am proud that they won. Very proud. But...wanna know a secret? I'm a Browns fan. And I typically do not like the Black and Gold. So as much as I hate that they made it to the playoffs, to the superbowl and now have won 6 superbowls...more than any other nfl team...I am proud.

Pittsburgh is a great football team and always has been...and they are something to be proud of here. But if you think about it, we have a lot to be proud of. LeBron James is from the A-K Ron and plays for the Cavs. And Jimmy Tressel, coach of The Ohio State University football team? Well he's originally from the Cleveland area and coached at Youngstown State before OSU. We have many of sports-related things to be proud of here. So for one day, maybe... Browns fans can put aside the differences and be happy that a team with a long tradition and pride from the Rust Belt has kicked a Sun Belt team's butt. A sign of things to come?


  1. I'm really proud of you for passing the olive branch to Steelers fans. It's so true that the Midwest seems to the be home of sports legacy.
    Miami University is known as the cradle of coaches...and Big Ben is from table flat NW Ohio. Nice job Rust Belt.

  2. What's up Jim. This is Paul. Steelers rule. I like your blog.

  3. Couple things. I am a college student and public school grad and I think sending your kids to private school is just wasting your money to send your kid to an all white school.

    Second, Metro Governments. Combine city and county, cut down on bureaucracy, integrate tax revenues. I think it has worked pretty well for Louisville and Lexington KY.