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09 March 2009

Ohio Wins Expanded Facilities Award

Congratulations, Ohio, and Governor Strickland...for the third year in a row you've won Site Selection Magazine's coveted Governor's Cup Award for new and expanded facilities. See here for full story:
Overall Ohio had the most amount of new/expanded facilities in 2008: 503. Governor Strickland and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher are gaining praise from the Ohio Economic Stimulus Bill, passed in 2008, which put an economic plan into place that included incentives and investments in the facilities industry. The plan also puts resources into education, energy as well as infrastructure projects. Similarly the State of Ohio will receive 8.2 billion dollars from the Economic Stimulus Plan. This money will go towards like projects in infrastructure and education.
It should be noted that Michigan and Pennsylvanian Governor's received high marks as well, with Gov. Jennifer Granholm of Michigan in 3rd place and Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania in 4th place. Indiana and Illinois were also in the top ten. GO RUST BELT! Way to be innovative!

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