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27 June 2010

Updates has been far too long since I've blogged and I must apologize full-heartedly! I moved to Cleveland from Cincinnati back in January and have enjoyed many many many days soaking up the culture here in the CLE. Let me tell is amazing. There is so much to do here and the people have welcomed me with open arms.

Cleveland is truly beautiful in the summer with breathtaking sunsets on the lake, hundreds of parks to enjoy and daily outdoor events throughout the region. The opportunities here are limitless. Since there are too many exciting things going on here to name all at once, let me name a few of my favorite hangout spots to get started. In the future I'll keep you all up to date on what is going on here.

Just to get things straight, I live on the east side. Now, I know the west-siders are gawking at the thought, but Cleveland's east side has a plethora of good eats and great atmospheres to enjoy. Lee Road, Coventry, Little Italy, University Circle and Shaker Square are all great places to find a patio and sip on something cold with friends.

Now to narrow it a bit further I'm only focusing on Shaker Square, my chosen place of residence and one of the best hangout spots in town. Personally I cannot get enough of Sasa on Monday nights. Sasa is a Japenese restaurant with a high class atmosphere. Monday nights are great for the thrify becaues they have $5 small plates and $5 half pitchers all night long. I suggest the Sasa fries (above)which come with a mustard sauce and a tangy bbq sauce. Sasa is perfect after catching a $5 movie at Shaker Square Cinema next door.

Also great is Sarava, a Brazilian restaurant with an amazing atmosphere. They have a wonderful happy hour on Friday nights and a large patio which plays Brazilian-themed music. Don't forget Grotto Wine Bar, which has a great atmosphere on a Winter night or a Summer evening. Coffee lovers will enjoy hanging out at Dewey's, a fair trade coffee shop with amazing muffins (calm down Betty White fans). Yours Truly is a local favorite; a wonderful diner with amazing sweet potato fries. Saturdays are great at the Square in the summer, because the farmer's market is buzzing in the morning and there are bands playing in the evening.

So, check out my neighborhood: Shaker Square; it's a wonderful atmosphere any day of the week.

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